Operation Lifeshield - About
Operation Lifeshield was founded by a small group of friends – American olim and Israelis. They were visiting the Galilee region of Northern Israel at the time of the Second Lebanon War in 2006, and found themselves among thousands of residents in immediate danger of Hezbollah rocket fire, and with no place to seek shelter. As a result of this experience, they took action and started Operation Lifeshield.

Our shelter construction design and manufacturing process conform with the strictest guidelines and approval of the Israeli Defense Force Home Front Command. Three types of shelters are available in order to best protect schools, kindergartens, synagogues, parks, sidewalks, bus stops and senior day centers. Lifeshield shelters are constructed in Israel by leading manufacturers of steel-reinforced concrete products, and deployed quickly. Operation Lifeshield is overwhelmed with requests from municipalities asking for shelters, with preparation against enemy attack an ongoing measure. The 200 shelters currently deployed have been donated by caring individuals and organizations from around the world, including Jewish and Christian groups.

About Us

Operation Lifeshield is an emergency campaign to save innocent lives by providing Israel’s threatened communities with the protected air raid shelters they so desperately need.

Our Mission