Operation Lifeshield - COVID-19 Response
Emergency COVID-19 Response
Over the past 15 years, OL has developed a close-knit working relationship with the five Security Chiefs of the communities of the "Gaza Belt" region. We are in daily contact with them - in quiet times, and in times of crisis. Just as we responded to the urgent need for firefighter equipment (trailers and ATVs) two years ago when Hamas launched it's arson terror campaign, so must we respond to the newest threat - the Corona enemy.

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY Operation Lifeshield will enact our emergency response to help the citizens of Southern Israel by providing local Emergency Teams with urgently-needed supplies. (Sterile gloves, professional filtration masks, protective clothing, etc.) This is an EMERGENCY FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN, and we need to move quickly.
The people of Southern Israel are already traumatised by a decade of rocket attacks. Resilience Centres report a 150% increase in patient referrals. Psychologists are now conducting home visits to families and children undergoing trauma therapy. Now, with COVID-19, the trauma will increase. Getting help to the local Emergency Teams is critical.
The emergency project will provide equipment and supplies to the Southern Israel Regions of Hof Ashkelon, Shaar HaNegev, Sdod Negev and Eshkol, as well as the city of Ashkelon. 
Any part of this project cost is greatly appreciated.

To make a donation from the US, click here and make a note in the description box that you are donating to the COVID-19 Emergency Campiagn.

For Canadian donations, click here and make a note on your cheque that you are donating to the COVID-19 Emergency Campiagn

Thank you for helping us save lives in Israel! 
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