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Fighting Gaza's Arson Attacks
Since March 2018, Hamas has been organizing "March of Return" daily riots on the Gaza border. Their goal is to demand their "right" to completely rid the land of Jews and claim all of "Palestine" for themselves, or to at least make life in Southern Israel as miserable as possible.
Although most media sources claim that the riots are "peaceful protests," the participants always burn tires, throw rocks and explosives, damage the border fence, and some have even infiltrated into Israel to set fire to Israeli property and try to kill any Jews they run into before they are caught by the IDF. 
One of the most common border riot activities has been sending incendiary kites and explosive balloons into Southern Israel. More than 10,000 acres have been burned over the past year, causing millions of shekels in damage. Children in Southern Israel have unfortunately been conditioned to be terrified instead of happy when they see balloons. Hamas terrorists have even attached toys to some of the IED balloons in an attempt to attract Israeli children to the explosives.

In response to the IED balloon arson, Operation Lifeshield has been raising funds to provide vulnerable communities with firefighting vehicles to help security teams put out the balloon fires that break out in Southern Israel almost every day. 
Southern Israel's security teams have requested two types of firefighting vehicles from Operation Lifeshield: firefighter trailers that can be attached to 4x4 trucks, and firefighting ATVs. 
The firefighting vehicles that we provide are compact and efficient. This way, they can get to the fires quickly to get them under control within the first 15 minutes, before they become dangerously large. These vehicles can also get into tight spaces that large firefighter trucks simply can't get to. 
Thanks to your donations, we have successfully donated firefighter trailers to every community at risk near the Gaza border. We are now focusing on donating firefighting ATVs. 
Click the video below to see an OL firefighting ATV in action, battling one of 11 balloon fires that occurred on a single day in May 2019.
Click here to make a donation towards a firefighting ATV. 
Thank you for helping us protect Southern Israel's communities from Gaza's arson attacks.

An OL Firefighting ATV donated by ICEJ battles one of 11 fires in Southern Israel ignited by Gaza's IED balloon fires on May 15, 2019.