Operation Lifeshield - Shelter Interior Design

Shelter Interior Design

Operation Lifeshield shelters can easily become multipurpose spaces. Not only are they providing life-saving protection, they are also a safe public space that can be used to meet multiple community needs and interests.
Unfortunately, Israelis living in highly targeted areas have been traumatized by decades of rockets and mortar attacks. Many of them, particularly the small children, may even associate the shelters with the fear and anxiety that comes from these attacks.

Our Interior Designer, Raquel Joshua, has created multiple conceptual designs that Israeli communities can use to convert their shelters into inviting multipurpose rooms to increase quality of life even in times of relative quiet.
By transforming the shelter interiors into community yoga rooms, playrooms, mini sports centers, and more – the shelters become friendly and inviting spaces that are used on a daily basis. They will not only provide life-saving protection in times of danger, they will also add to the community’s overall quality of life in times of relative quiet.
Some of our shelters have already been transformed into creative community spaces. Here are a few examples of how OL shelters can be used not only to bring safety, but to bring joy as well.