Operation Lifeshield - Stock Transfer Donation
Stock Transfer Information Sheet

Utilizing securities that have appreciated in value to fund charitable gifts is one of the most effective means of benefiting charity while obtaining considerable income tax advantages. If an individual sells a stock or bond that has increased in value, he or she will be subject to a tax on that capital gain. Because a public charity is not subject to income taxation, it can sell either of those securities without being subject to the capital gains tax.

If the stock is held in a brokerage account, the gift can be transferred electronically.

Operation Lifeshield maintains an account at Charles Schwab.
Transfers can be made into Operation Lifeshield’s brokerage account from any account in the USA by using the following instructions:

Account Name: Operation Lifeshield, Inc.
Federal Tax ID: 26-0380466
Brokerage: Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Charity Non-Profit Account # 2492-4079
DTC # 0164
Contact: 1-800-435-4000 Monday–Friday 6:00 am–1:00 am ET

Any electronic transfer should be accompanied by written notice to Operation Lifeshield with the following information:
  1. Donor’s name
  2. Name of stock and number of shares being transferred
This notice may be e-mailed to info@operationlifeshield.org or faxed to 561-892-8599.

Thank you very much for your contribution.

Stock Transfer Donation